A well designed set of user interface components based on JSF

The goal of Apache Tobago™ is to provide the community with a well designed set of user interface components based on JSF and run on MyFaces. Tobago is more than just a tag library. The following statements characterize Tobago and make it different from other frameworks:

  • Create applications without the need for HTML design
  • The UI components are abstracted from HTML
  • Simple theming mechanism for changing the look and feel
  • A layout manager is used to arrange the components automatically

Tobago Support

We provide professional support for the usage of Tobago in your company. Support is available via e-mail or phone. If it is necessary on-site-support is also possible. This kind of support is additional to the support by mailing-lists and the community of the Open-Source project itself. We are offering 3 levels of support:
Further Information regarding our Support

Tobago Courses

We are offering trainings for JSF and Apache Tobago. Our standard training is a 3-day program including JSF and Apache Tobago. Additionally we are willing to react on special needs of our customers. You can tell us which priorities you have regarding the training and we will adapt those in the agenda of your training.
Further information and trainings schedule


We are supporting our customers in using Apache Tobago. If you call on our consultants we guarantee that a MyFaces contributor will support you on the spot.
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We are developing web-applications for you or help you with the development of individual components for your web-applications. Due to our participation in the Apache Tobago core-development we also have the possibility to let your needs influence the Tobago framework development.
Contact us.