Collect, Organize, Share

Spaaze is browser based virtual cork board which let's you create and publish collections and collages of links, snippets of text, images, videos and files either on your own or collaboratively.

What's the idea?

The basic idea of Spaaze (pronounced "space") was to create a self-organization tool without the restrictions of classic single purpose web applications. Be it bookmarking, todo, project management, note collection or reading queue services, they all have a single purpose, and they all need their own account. Spaaze was designed to be able to undertake all of this tasks, not as proficient, but within one application. The best structure for this mission, as it turned out, was a virtual corkboard, where it's the users choice to bring any structure into a collection of information.

You can use Spaaze for

  • Self Organization
  • Reading Queues
  • Bookmark lists
  • Todo notes
  • Favorite video collection
  • Project Management
  • Collages / White Boards
  • Simple Home-Pages

Collaboration and self publishing

Spaaze also offers collaboration and publishing features, allowing to share and edit a board between multiple users, as well as publicly showing and linking the created boards. And since it's a browser application your Spaaze is everywhere you are, only a login away. There's even an iPad optimized version which takes full advanced of the touch screen capabilities.




Free online version:

Spaaze blog:


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