Shelf planning has never been easier

Online Shelf Planning (OSP) allows you to easily create and manage planograms. IRIAN OSP is a web application built using the latest web technologies. This means that it has all the advantages of a web application, like being available to every employee without installing it and working on the same data stored centralized in a database, while providing the ease of use and comfort of a desktop application

The application consists of two parts. A product database and a planogram editor. In the product database product can be created (manually or using EAN codes), including it's size and a picture, and managed by a lot of criteria like manufacturer, brand, category, packaging type, packaging unit or SKU. Based on this database the planogram editor allows the easy creation of shelves and planograms, featuring a full text search for products and easy drag and drop usability. It features a variety of statistics and export options. Additional it has a special mode for coolers and cabinets were the graphical representation of the shelf is more important.

Key features

  • Distribution as a web application
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful planogram editor
  • Graphically appealing planograms
  • Highlighting and Statistics
  • Cooler and cabinet mode




Free demo: osp.irian.at


You can purchase a licence in our shop