Open source contribution

We strongly support the open-source movement. As an active member of the community we have joined a wide range of OS projects and support the developers of these projects in many ways.

Your advantage from this position is our know-how in usage and development of open-source technology. We know the products on the market, and know how to separate the good from the bad, helping you to speed up your development efforts using Open Source products.

We provide consulting, support and training service for all these technologies and a lot more.

Metadata based validation with JSF

Apache Myfaces Extensions Validator (ExtVal) provides a well established framework to validate user input based on metadata. The main features of ExtVal include

  • Extensible and adaptable platform for JSF based validation
  • Validation based on JPA annotations
  • Cross-component validation
  • Client-side validation support (based on metadata)
  • Dependency injection support
  • Validation exception interception
  • Bean-validation (JSR 303) integration
  • Zero configuration (just optional)


Large enterprise quality component library for JSF

Apache MyFaces Trinidad is a JSF framework including a large, enterprise quality component library, supporting critical features such as accessibility, right-to-left languages, etc. It also includes features like:

  • Partial-page rendering support for the entire component set
  • Integrated client-side validation
  • A dialog framework
  • pageFlowScope, for communicating between pages


A well designed set of user interface components based on JSF

The goal of Apache Tobago™ is to provide the community with a well designed set of user interface components based on JSF and run on MyFaces. Tobago is more than just a tag library. The following statements characterize Tobago and make it different from other frameworks:

  • Create applications without the need for HTML design
  • The UI components are abstracted from HTML
  • Simple theming mechanism for changing the look and feel
  • A layout manager is used to arrange the components automatically


Smart i18n support for your JSF application

We had released the first beta of jtracc. jtracc is a smart and extensible open source JSF add-on framework released under the LGPL. jtracc allows you to translate your JSF web-application directly in the web-browser. You will never again lose the context during the translation process!


First free JSF implementation

Is an outstanding environment for development of web-applications. As co-founders of the MyFaces project we are a key player in developing user interfaces for web-applications. MyFaces is a project of the Apache Software Foundation, and hosts several sub-projects relating to the JavaServer™ technology. The Apache MyFaces project provides:

  • Complete JavaServer™ Faces implementation
  • Several component libraries containing UI widgets
  • Extension packages to JSF
  • Integration modules to other technologies and standards


Portable CDI Extensions for Context and Dependency Injection (JSR 299)

MyFaces CODI is your best friend for CDI based projects. It is a modularized and extensible framework. Like CDI itself CODI is focused on type-safety. So it's easy to choose the needed parts to facilitate the daily work in your project. MyFaces CODI provides the following modules:

  • Core
  • JEE/JSF12
  • JEE/JSF20
  • JEE/BV
  • JSE/Message (advanced I18N)
  • JSE/Scripting
  • Test modules
  • Alternative Config and Implementation Modules
  • All-in-one bundles (incl. OSGi bundles)


DeltaSpike / CDI

Portable CDI Extensions

Apache DeltaSpike is the successor of Apache DeltaSpike and JBoss Seam. DeltaSpike is your best friend for CDI based projects. It is a modularized and extensible framework. Like CDI itself DeltaSpike is focused on type-safety. A comprehensive testsuite allows to ensure a high compatibility with different Java EE servers. Apache DeltaSpike provides the following parts

  • Core
  • Container-Control
  • BV-Module
  • Data-Module
  • JPA-Module
  • JSF-Module
  • Partial-Bean-Module
  • Scheduler-Module
  • Security-Module
  • Servlet-Module
  • Test-Control-Module