DeltaSpike / CDI

Portable CDI Extensions

Apache DeltaSpike is the successor of Apache MyFaces CODI and JBoss Seam. DeltaSpike is your best friend for CDI based projects. It is a modularized and extensible framework. Like CDI itself DeltaSpike is focused on type-safety. A comprehensive testsuite allows to ensure a high compatibility with different Java EE servers. Apache DeltaSpike provides the following parts

  • Core
  • Container-Control
  • BV-Module
  • Data-Module
  • JPA-Module
  • JSF-Module
  • Partial-Bean-Module
  • Scheduler-Module
  • Security-Module
  • Servlet-Module
  • Test-Control-Module

Apache DeltaSpike Support

We provide professional support for the use of DeltaSpike in your company. Besides support via email and phone also on-site support is possible, if required. This assistance is additional to the Open Source typical support provided via mailinglists and community
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Apache DeltaSpike Training

In a 2-day training you learn to successfully use all aspects of Apache DeltaSpike. Furthermore you gain inside information on the concepts of DeltaSpike and how they can be used and adapted to meet your requirements. Furthermore, you will learn how DeltaSpike improves CDI concepts like conversations. Optionally you learn how to migrate your Spring/Orchestra based JSF application to a CDI/DeltaSpike based JSF application.
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We provide support on the successful use of DeltaSpike within your application. Consulting takes place on site. On agreement even one of the co-founders of Apache DeltaSpike is available for your assistance
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If desired we provide DeltaSpike-Add-ons or help on the implementation of further concepts. Through our membership in the Apache DeltaSpike and OWB (OpenWebBeans) community even the opportunity to integrate your adoption requests within the DeltaSpike (and also OWB) framework is possible..
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