Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is a world-leading financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of finance, around the world and around the clock. IRIAN provided consultancy services to the Credit Suisse group for their JSF migration efforts. One of the projects dealt with an application framework similar to the concepts of Struts based on JavaServer Faces technology, other consulting efforts were based on the adaptation of a JSF component library to a portlet environment.

RSC Commercial services

The Retail Services Company (RSC) was created in 1996 from the former European departments of the Dutch, British and German C&A head offices. RSC has three divisions providing support to all C&A operations in Europe: IT Division, Logistic Division and Cosbi.
The RSC divisions provide support for C&A in whole of Europe.

Personal customer feedback:
"Irian organised a four day-workshop, individually modelled after our requirements for us. Developers with a vast knowledge of JSF (JSF component developer) were meant to expand their expertise. Thanks to the immensely comprehensive know how and didactic skills of our trainer Gerhard Petracek, every developer was able to gain new insights and perceptions. We were very satisfied with both the preparation and implementation of the training, even very detailed questions were answered very competently." Marcel Urbanek, RSC

Erste Sparinvest - Internetportal

In the year 2006, the web-portal of the Erste Sparinvest was modernized and migrated to Java technology together with Oracle Austria. The project was finished in a very short time, due primarily to the use of standardized JavaServer Faces technology (JSF) and the Apache MyFaces Trinidad component library (Oracle ADF Faces). The Sparinvest portal is an extraordinary example of the fact that also Internet portals can be constructed successfully and efficiently with the JSF technology. Erste Sparinvest is Austrias number one asset manager.

InterComponentWare AG

ICW AG, the leading provider for health care solutions in Germany, has used our competencies for consulting the implementation team of PHR (patient health record), a solution which is the one of the best available patient data information systems. The application is built with patient necessities in mind and provides a host of configuration options for data security.

'Die Continentale' Insurance Group

'Die Continentale' has asked us to develop and implement a concept for pure module-based JSF-development. Building on JSF-standards, this enables an independent development of modules and components in a JSF-way, and a conflict-free composition of these modules and comonents. Additionally, we have trained Continentale personnel.


ACTANO is a provider of out-of-the-box solutions for the successful management of product development processes. The company offer holistic solutions comprising information technology and consulting services. Customers benefit from the solution portfolio in all areas and phases of product development – from process consulting through project management to custom data management. IRIAN is ACTANOs prefered consulting and support company for the application of JSF.

ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive is one of Germanys biggest, brand-independent supplier of leasing and services for the automobile field. ALD offers primarly products and services for armada clients and is on of the market leader in their line of business. As part of a J2EE architecture review IRIAN screended existing and developed new concepts for an optimal fundament for the prospective leasing application.

Allianz SE

The Allianz Group is one of the leading global services providers in insurance, banking and asset management. On the insurance side, Allianz is the market leader in the German market and has a strong international presence. Allianz was looking out for a framework, where new user interface related features can be written as reusable components and easily be used for building up new web-applications. IRIAN trained members of the Allianz developement team in the JSF technology.

BMW Bank

JSF in portals was the main topic of a workshop which was hold by an IRIAN consultant at BMW Bank. In particular the workshop gave the most attention to Spring Webflow and to the portal solution provided by BEA Weblogic. To meet the customer requirements some widespread problems regarding the usage of JSF in portals were fixed in several JSF libraries.

Deutsche Bank

For the Deutsche Bank Operational Risk Management Department we have developed several applications to better enable IT risk management on the basis of JavaServer Faces. To name an example: the Role Management Portal is the central application of Deutsche Bank to manage IT-related roles and has been rolled out to the whole Deutsche Bank in 2006. For its theoretical concepts it won the Deutsche Bank Innovation Day Award 2007. The application is fully based on AJAX and JSF and provides a very rich user experience.

Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger - T-Systems Austria - Sozdok/AVI 2008

T-system Austria has developed the applications Sozdok2008 and AVI 2008 with support of four IRIAN employees. Both applications are complex search and information systems for the austrian social security legislation. Target audience are both lawyers and experts, which can query complex searches with these applications. Example: "How was the legal situation of this issue in the year x from the view of today/at that time/x.x.xxxx?" Proven technologies such as Oracle text, Oracle XML and JavaServer Faces (JSF) for the front-end are in use.

ING-DiBa Direktbank Austria

ING-DiBa is planning to migrate several applications from Struts to JSF - this planned migration lead the ING-DiBa representatives to contact IRIAN to provide JSF training and support. The training was delivered based on our standard training programm, the consulting concentrated especially on the migration from Struts to JSF.

KOBIT Informationstechnologie GmbH

The support and consulting services by IRIAN enabled KOBIT Informationtechnolgie GmbH to develop and roll out a new Electronic Waste Management System. A core issue of industrial manufacturing is the management and disposal of waste originating in the manufacturing process. The project aimed to provide an innovative solution to waste management for manufacturers, by vertically integrating the waste producer and waste disposer via means of information and communications technology and new, innovative technologies. The project is based on the JavaServer Faces technology and available as a highly dynamic and reliable web application.

Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH

AirPlus is a solution for travel management. With innovative products and e-business solutions, AirPlus supports the entire process chain in the realization of business trips, from trip evaluation to preparation and invoicing. The AirPlus Information Manager, as the main tool to evaluate travelling costs, is beeing redeveloped, using the JavaServer Faces technology to meet highly interactive Web 2.0 requirements. The usage of the Apache MyFaces Trinidad component library and the support and consulting services by IRIAN are key factors for a successful and fast development.

MSG Systems

MSG systems develops complexe, individual designed application systems and standardized software for branches like automotive, financial services, community health and insurance companies. As a system integrator MSG systems assures a smooth interaction of all related components. JSF is part of actual projects. To enhance the knowledge about JSF a specialized, advanced JSF workshop was held by IRIAN.

New York State - Commission of Correction

New York State - Commission of Correction IRIAN consulted and supported the New York State - Commission of Correction in the development of the RCM system. RCMS is a Reusable Case Management System for administrating convicts who are released on probation. With this project entry, IRIAN won the Austrian Chamber of Commerce CONSTANTINUS-Award in the category Open Source.

Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse provides the European Power Exchange EPEX and the European Energy Exchange EEX a trading system for electricity and gas on the European market. From the beginning Irian Germany supported the development of the ComXerv System and took over the project management in September 2009. New development processes and guidelines were established to ensure the high availability of the system.

OeKB - Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG - DS.Advanced

DS.Advanced (DS.A) is a system of the OeKB Wertpapiersammelbank (WSB) for the completion of off-board security transcations. The real-time-enabled backend system and the interfaces to external systems were largely designed and developed by Manfred Geiler and Thomas Spiegl, both from IRIAN. Well-designed workflows and a message-oriented, event-based architecture guarantee a stable and successful operation.

OeNB - Österreichische Nationalbank

By order of the ECB the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) developed a recording system for European central banks and government agencies. In this full stack web application only state-of-the-art technologies are used: Spring Framework, JPA, Hibernate, JSF, Webflow, and RichFaces. Irian did a comprehensive and detailed architecture review and helped to use this stack effectively. A successful product was the result of making the used technologies work together flawlessly.


SAP used our consulting services during the migration of one of their webshops to JSF 2.0. We have also provided JSF 2.0 training for their web develpment team.


For the Prisma Kreditversicherungs-AG we developed a full internet application managing all insurance data, encashment and claims. Find more information here.

Raiffeisen Capital Management

IRIAN trained the Raiffeisen Capital Management (RCM) development team in the usage of the JavaServer Faces technology. Furthermore IRIAN provided some advanced development support for integrating the Apache MyFaces Tomahawk component library into existing applications. RCM is one of Austrias leading asset management companies and is made up of Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft, Raiffeisen Vermögensverwaltungsbank and Raiffeisen International Fund Advisory.

RheinEnergie AG

RheinEnergie AG is an infrastructure service provider for the Rhine region in Germany. The company provides electricity, natural gas, water and heat to its customers. In order to guarantee reliable, safe, fair and sustainable products and services Rhein Engeries attention is specifically focused on three points: Security of supply, efficiency and environmental compatibility. For the implementation of new projects, IRIAN trained the Rhein Energie development team specifically related to the usage of the Apache MyFaces Trinidad component library.

Rhenus AG & Co KG

As a value added partner Rhenus supports its customers with logistics services - it supports the clients with facilities and in cooperation with reliable partners. Furthermore Rhenus analyses highly complex logistic operations and optimises them through individual solutions for acquisition, production and distribution. IRIAN staff trained the development team of Rhenus in the usage of the JavaServer Faces technology.

Saudi Aramco

We have trained the web development team of one of the largest international oil company in JSF. Saudi Aramco wants to change over its web presence to the JSF technology.

SEAT Deutschland GmbH

For SEAT Germany we conducted training of the IT-staff on JSF and MyFaces. Additionally, we made sure MyFaces Orchestra and Tomahawk run in a portal environment by appropriately changing the way filters are employed in these frameworks and component libraries respectively.

Skandia Versicherung Management & Service GmbH

As part of the british-south-african Old-Mutual-Group Skandia represents one of the leading companies in the financial services industry. Skandias internal system for handling applications needed to be modernized, JSF was chosen as the implementation technology. IRIANs consulting and support services helped deciding on a best-practise approach to migrate the existing web application to JSF.

Spirit GmbH

We developed a user interface (Java-Swing) of a solution for a risk management department's customer management - under the direction of the SPIRIT GesmbH. The applied technology is based on the generation of the user interface from configuration files and can very easily be adapted to other needs. The interface is now used by leading banks in Austria and CEE countries.

Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property is one of our clients. We have developed various components for their web-applications and assisted their JSF implementation team as consultants.

Telekom Austria

Telekom Austria is one of the leading providers of mobile and fixed line telecommunication services in Austria. As a sub-contractor of Bearingpoint IRIAN GmbH's employees supported Telekom in creating internal management software and parts of Telekom Austria's web-portal.


We have trained the full web development team of the largest Austrian tourism portal in JSF. Tiscover wants to change over its administration application to the JSF technology.

Toyota Kreditbank GmbH

Based on the needs and requirements of Toyotas customers in Germany the Toyota Kreditbank GmbH develops individual products for finance and leasing related matters. Those products are applicable to the whole Toyota and Lexus product range, no matter if the vehicles are new or already used. Toyotas internal sales management application is based on the JavaServer Faces technology. IRIAN trained Toyota development engineers based on a customized JSF training.

Österreichische Bundesfinanzierungsagentur

Employees of IRIAN have developed the application for the federal financing agency. Bundesschatz is an online platform for the acquisition of Austrian Federal bonds. Federal bonds are securities of the Austrian republic and guarantee high interest with at the same time the highest security guaranteed by the Austrian state.
The web-application is fully Java based, and offers the user a comfortable overview of its account and administration possibilities; at the same time a complete web-based administration is possible. has been successfully running for many years now and is administrated and developed by IRIAN employees.

Österreichische Lotterien GmbH

The Österreichische Lotterien GmbH is Austria's public provider for games of chance - both offline and online. The company has been using Java as its preferred technology for building web-applications for the last years - JavaServer Faces as a technology became more and more important in new solutions. IRIAN trained the Österreichische Lotterien GmbH personnel in the advanced usage of JSF.


The Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG has been the most important supplier of export financing in Austria for years. We have developed several solutions for the internal and external appearance of the OeKB.