IRIAN Solutions is a company specialized in business applications. Our employees from locations in Austria, Germany and Romania are highly motivated and skilled software developers. "IRIANis" know the state-of-the-art technology by heart, write books and articles, train clients, and engage as regular speakers on international conferences. We are steadily aiming at satisfied customers and optimal services. This is shown by loyal clients and a continuously growing customer base.

Innovative solutions

IRIAN develops innovative solutions, usually web-applications, for small to large enterprises, using either JavaServer Faces or a host of other innovative, new web technologies and web-frameworks. Examples for such technologies are Ruby on Rails, the Dojo Toolkit or the Google Webtoolkit. IRIAN is also venturing into the field of Web 2.0 applications, both with Apache MyFaces and certain other IRIAN products, e.g our online mind-mapping tool named

Early JSF adopter

We are among the very first users of JSF (JavaServer Faces). This is not an accident, provided the fact that  the two founders of the open source project "Apache MyFaces" are employees of IRIAN Solutions. Our customers benefit from professional training, consulting and development and are able to implement their applications successfully.


Our staff members present Apache MyFaces, JSF, Ruby on Rails, Google Webtoolkit and other web-related technologies on international software conferences like the JAX, JavaOne, ApacheCon Europe, US and Asia or the Java-Polis-Conference.

We also host the ConFESS, an international conference on JSF, Java and web technologies that takes place in several locations in Austria. We also sponsor the EJUG, the enterprise Java user group Austria, and are an active member of the association.


In the years 2006 to 2010 several books were published, co-authored by IRIAN staff members, one on Ruby on Rails, another one on JSF and in 2010 a book on the brand new technology JSF 2.0.


2006 IRIAN won the CONSTANTINUS-Award in the category Open-Source – awarded by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for the project RCMS (Reusable Case Management System), which was realized for the New York Department of Correction. In addition IRIAN was awarded the second prize in the category "international" and the third prize in the category "start-ups".


Our customers are companies in varying economic branches, but especially banks and insurances. Clients include companies located in Austria as well as international enterprises and organisations, which use JSF as their preferred standard for developing web-applications. For more details see the complete list of client references

Logos of Irian customers

Some history

IRIAN Solutions GmbH was created in 2005 and is a successor of IRIAN Marinschek & Spiegl O.E.G, founded in 2004. IRIAN has from the beginning been involved in dynamic web-development and modern web-applications, and was the first company to provide a free open-source implementation of the first standard for web-development frameworks worldwide, the JavaServer Faces standard. This implementation of JSF is now hosted at the Apache Software Foundation, the largest open source foundation worldwide, and is named Apache MyFaces.

The name origin

Irian Jaya is - just like Java - an island of Indonesia (eastern part of New Guinea) but is somewhat less dedicated to coffee production. That might be due to the fact that the population density is just 5 persons/kmĀ² - one of the lowest in the world - a lot of space for creativity and new ideas!