ConFESS_2015 - Registration and CFP started today


ConFESS in Vienna is back!

After one year of not organising the conference ourselves, we have decided to return to Vienna and host our own event again. 

Even though Javaland 2014 was a lot of fun, and we had some great experiences, we concluded that a big Java Conference in Vienna is still something that we wanted to offer to the community. Therefore, we will return to Vienna, and we will stay there. Promised!

ConFESS_2015 will be held from 14th - 16th April 2015 at the C3 Convention Center in Vienna. 

More details concerning speakers, prices, accommodation, etc. will follow in the next weeks. 

In the meantime, go check out some of the best feedback we got for the last 7 conferences IRIAN hosted/joined: Impressions

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Vienna again!

Best regards, 

your CONFESS_team


JSF MasterClass with Ed Burns - Review

On Friday, March 28th, 2014, IRIAN invited experienced speaker and SpecLead for JavaServer Faces, Mr Ed Burns, to Vienna to hold a special masterclass on JSF.

The class began by examining the current landscape of web application development before then placing Java, JavaEE 7 and JSF 2.2 in that context. The remainder of the class then defended that assertion by examining the relevant features of the JavaEE 7 standard web application stack: JSF 2.2, Expression Language, CDI, Bean Validation, WebSocket and JSON. All of them viewed with an emphasis on their relationship to HTML5.

The intimate setting of the class with 6 participants made it an intense learning experience, with Mr Burns having the possibility to focus on each individual and their relative questions.

"I can only recommend Ed Burns as a speaker. The intense use of example projects and Live Coding to emphasize certain aspects was especially good." - Bernhard Brem, ITSV

Accompanied by a full breakfast, a delicious lunch and a small coffee break in the early afternoon, this class was a full success. 

Picture: Mr Burns with some of the participants. 

Stay tuned to hear more about special classes, or write an e-mail to to get added to our mailing list. 

JSF@Work 2.0

IRIAN released version 2.0 of the JavaServer Faces (JSF) online documentation "JSF@Work". This new version covers major new JSF 2.2 features like the HTML5 integration with pass-through attributes and elements, the file upload component h:inputFile, resource library contracts and Faces Flows. Apart from that, we also tried to cover most of the minor improvements coming with JSF 2.2. Additionally, all examples were updated to current versions of MyFaces 2.2 and Mojarra 2.2.

JSF@Work is available (currently only in german language) at: (thanks to Werner for bringing the new version online once again).

JSF MasterClass with Ed Burns

We are very happy to announce that Mr. Ed Burns, spec lead for JavaServer Faces, will hold a speciaJSF Masterclass on 28th March 2014 at the Grand Hotel Mercure Biedermeier in Vienna. 
This one-day-workshop on server side java web frameworks offers you complete catering, an expert in his field as your teacher, and a perfect opportunity to exchange knowledge with colleagues. 
Our unique offer stands for only 500 € (excl. VAT) per participant. 
Register now online at: IRIAN Training or via e-mail ( – places are still available.
Here is some more information about the contents:
Ed Burns is currently a consulting member of the technical staff at
Oracle America Inc., where he leads a team of Web experts from across
the industry in developing JavaServer Faces Technology through the Java
Community Process and in open source. He is the author of four books for
McGraw-Hill: Secrets of the Rock Star Programmers (2008), JavaServer
Faces: The Complete Reference (co-authored with Chris Schalk, 2006),
JavaServer Faces 2.0: The Complete Reference (co-authored with Chris
Schalk and Neil Griffin, 2009), and Hudson Continuous Integration in
Practice (co-authored with Winston Prakash, 2013).
Course Level
Target Audience
This full day session assumes basic competence with server side java web
frameworks such as Struts, Spring MVC or JSF 2.0.  If you wonder how the
whole "modern web application development" meme applies to such
technologies, this class is for you.
Course Description
Much has changed in the practice of web application development since
the introduction of JSF 2.0 in 2009.  Foundational assumptions such as
the very use of Java for such applications are now questioned or even
abandoned entirely.  Deployment to devices such as tablets and phones is
now at least as important as desktop browsers.
This full day session is a mix of high level and low level content.  The
class begins by examining the current landscape for web application
development.  It then places Java, JavaEE 7 and JSF 2.2 in that context,
asserting that these technologies are still a good choice.  The
remainder of the class defends that assertion by examining the relevant
features of the JavaEE 7 standard web application stack: JSF 2.2,
Expression Language, CDI, Bean Validation, WebSocket and JSON.  All of
these will be viewed with an emphasis on their relationship to HTML5,
the most important acronym for the modern web application developer.
At the end of the day, the student will have the tools to discover
themselves how the JavaEE7 standard web application stack is best used
for modern web application development.
Breakfast:  8 - 9 AM
9 AM:
Start morning session: Current Practice and JavaEE 7
* Brief History of Web Application Development
  + Processing Tasks and Processing Nodes
  + Distributed App UI Timeline
  + Lightweight ontology of Web Application Devoplement
    - Java platform
    - Other platforms
    - JavaScript platform
* What is a Modern Web Application?
  + Developer experience characteristics
    - workflow
    - deployment and cloud
    - maintenance
  + User experience characteristics
    - mobile-first
    - responsive web design
  + Application characteristics
    - Authoring the UI
    - UI State
    - L10N, I18N, A11Y
    - Business Logic
* JavaEE 7 as a Modern Web Application Platform
  How JavaEE 7 addresses the concerns from the preceding section.
Lunch: 12 - 1 PM
1 PM:
Afternoon Session: JavaEE 7 Pieces and Parts
* JSF 2.2
* Expression Language
* Bean Validation
* WebSocket
Coffee Break: 2:30
The maximum stands at 25 participants. 
Please spread the word amongst your colleague and friends should they be interested. 
We hope to see you there!
Kind regards,
the CONFESS_team
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