The Java Experts

We support you in realizing demanding projects in several programming languages, especially Java. Apart from excellent skills in the field of the Java programming language itself our expert knowledge concentrates on the Java product line for enterprises (JEE).

The long-time project experience of our team members covers the development of user interfaces, system analysis and system design for the implementation of your business processes as well as persisting data in a wide range of backend-systems.

Our services palette



We help you choose the right technologies and tools for your project.


We support your developers or join you in successfully implementing your project and we are the "safety net" for problems which emerge over time.


We help you to correct the focus of the project when problems occur.


We support you in adjusting to Java-technologies and in the planning phase of your Java-projects. And yes, we know how to do agile development.


Analysis, Design und Implementation of whole projects or of components thereof.

Professional Support

As a software development and consulting company, we can assist you in implementing your project or develop your software starting from a simple idea. We can guide you from analysis through development and implementation, successfully deploy your product and assist you beyond the product deployment.

Our services do not end with the technical and professional acceptance of your new software product. We also support you post your project with professional IRIAN software maintenance and adaptation services.

Commercial support for MyFaces, Trinidad, Tobago

Service type Standard Advanced
Base price per year 4,000€ 8,000€
Response time for production problems 24h 12h
Developer support within the base price 20h 30h
Price for additional 10 hours of development 1,200€ 1,200€
Response time for development problems 48h 24h

Core competencies of our team members

System analysis and design

  • specification analysis
  • system architecture
  • application design
  • database design
  • workflow analysis


  • e-business applications with Java
  • web-applications using JSP, Servlets and JavaServerâ„¢ Faces


  • Interfaces to other systems/technologies (JAXB, JAXP, JAX-RPC, JMS, AMQP/RabbitMQ, Hessian, Spring Integration, Apache Camel, LDAP)
  • Interfaces to SAP
  • Development of WebServices


  • J2EE-Servlet-Container (Tomcat, Resin)
  • J2EE-Application-Server (JBoss, Geronimo, WebSphere, WebLogic, GlassFish)
  • MQ-Series


  • Design and programming of applications that fulfil high and highest security requirements
  • Spring Security

Persistence in databases

  • JPA, Hibernate
  • All kinds of relational databases (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Derby, SQLite)
  • NoSQL Hadoop, CouchDB, MongoDB

User Interface

  • State of the art user interfaces
  • JSF / Java Server Faces
  • HTML and CSS
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Various JavaScript Frameworks (eg. jQuery, dojo)
  • Portlet: JSR 267, JSR 286 (Liferay)
  • Java Swing, JavaFX 2
  • Graphic design

Printing, Reporting

  • Assentis:DocBase
  • Apache POI
  • iText
  • XSL-FO

Open Source

  • Actively involved in several Open Source Projects
  • Project Management Committee members at Apache Open Source
  • Our team members actively take part in the Java Community Process(SM) Program